The Roommates – Rachel Sargeant ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“They live in your house. You Share Everything. But do you trust them?”

Are you a fan of Pretty Little Liars? If you are then you will love The Roommates by Rachel Sargeant. Spoiler Alert! You won’t be disappointed with the ending unlike PLL. If you are not a fan, then you will love it anyway! So go on, give it a read! Have you ever seen someone playing a video game and suddenly they sit up when they get to an important part? All they’re concentration is into that mission and they’re completely oblivious to everything around them. (cough, my boyfriend, cough.) Throughout reading The Roommates, I was that person.

I love curling up in thick blankets, being surrounded by the different cuddly bears that overpower my room. With a cup of tea in one hand and a story in the other, it’s a moment of comfort. However, this time, was a completely different atmosphere. Reading the Roommates, I was propelled up with the duvet off my body, the bears were flung onto the floor and the tea going cold on the windowsill. The Roommates was something I had never experienced, and an experience I can’t wait to do all over again.
The Roommates is Rachel’s third novel (other publications include The Perfect Neighbours and The Good Teacher.) It is a suspenseful, mystery thriller centred around four students beginning their first year at University. It starts fun and exciting as the book brings to life the four 1st year students we are introduced too. She brings you into a state of nostalgia as you refresh the memories of your fresher’s week, the flat parties and the fresher’s fairs. Rachel tells this all and she tells it perfectly.
The best thing about The Roommates is that you can’t help but fall in love with the characters from the first page, and the writing from each girl’s perspective is both enjoyable and brilliant. Each character is relatable and somehow, I felt connected to all of them. We are firstly introduced to Imogen, (the main character) who has a scarring past that she can’t let go off. Then we meet Phoenix, the classy and beautiful one who wants to focus on her career, yet she has a past that changed her life. Then my favourite, Tegan, the badass businesswoman with a secret life. (If you’re reading this Rachel, I’m secretly hoping for a Tegan Spin off.) Finally, we meet Amber. We don’t know much about Amber, and that’s the beauty of this whole story. When Amber goes missing, the other girls go searching for her, then, halfway through we meet a new character, Riku, the mysterious boy who never leaves his room. (We all had one of them roommates eh?)
I’m not usually a fan of thriller books but everything about this story is extraordinary and I couldn’t stop reading from the first page. So if you are thinking of not reading because you don’t like thriller either than trust me when I say, it will turn you! Each chapter got more and more suspenseful until it got to the point, I was screaming at the characters. Just like you do in horror movies when the girl goes outside for a cigarette. I was hooked!
The ending left me wanting me more and suddenly I found myself thinking of ways Rachel could do to make a sequel. Another Alert. There are many ways!

The Roommates is deserving on another 5 stars this week! So well done Rachel on a fantastic novel. You gave me a push into the journey of thriller and I am so excited to read and write many more reviews on your many fantastic books!

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