Lindsey Richardson – “Self publishing is incredibly difficult”

Hello to all my fellow book lovers, writers, and everything else in-between!
I am so excited to present the first issue of the ‘interview with an author’ series, where I’ll be chatting to incredible novelist, writers, and poets on their books and getting published.
As an aspiring author myself, my goal is to help other writers with any questions they may have. Sometimes it can be scary reaching out. With this series, you’ll find motivational tips on that dreaded ‘writers slumps, advice on how to become a better writer and know the difference between traditional and self-publishing.

To kick start this series, I have bought in Lindsey Richardson, an incredible indie author who is as every bit as welcoming as she is talented. She has been a blast to talk to and has given great advice from self-publishing, saying that ‘it’s the hardest thing you can do’, to why she loves writing a series.
Lindsey has released 6 incredible novels, with a seventh due to release this winter. All seven books will be parts of two different series as she’s a massive fan of writing where she can carry on her characters. Saying that ‘I think my favourite part about writing series is the amount of exploration you’re able to do with characters and your story’s world. Maybe this is why I haven’t written a standalone yet.’
You can find all her books on her website below.

Interview with Lindsey Richardson, author of Clara and Claire.

I: ‘Let’s talk about your new book. What is it about?’

L: ‘Clara and Claire follow the story of Clara as she searches for the head councillor’s daughter, Claire Kanelos. Clara is bought to the palace to play the role of Claire while the search continues. While standing in Claire’s place, she learns not everything is as it seems, and uncovers secrets about her own past as well.’ Lindsey’s sequel to Clara and Claire, Clara, and Ezra, is currently out now!

I: What inspired you to write it? Did you always want to be a fantasy author?

L: I’ve always loved the Nancy Drew series, and my love for crime shows/books have heavily inspired the current series I’m working on. As for writing, I have been writing fantasy for as long as I can remember, but only now am I dipping into fantasy/mystery.

I: You’ve written seven books which is amazing! How do you manage your writing time? What is your process? Do you have a writing goal?

L: I work full time during the day, so I usually find time to write during my lunch breaks and at night. I usually aim to write at least 500 words a day, but I often have one day off for a break, and to relax. I find that given myself deadlines has been easier. I try to release one book a year.

I: It’s incredible that you work full time and have managed to release so many books! I know a lot of people, like myself, work full time and struggle with tiredness and no motivation once they come home. Has there ever been a moment where you have experienced no motivation, and how do you deal with it?

L: It’s a daily struggle! When I do, I try a variety of things to help. Sometimes switching from laptop to pen and paper has helped, I also have several different distraction-free writing/software apps. Most recently, I’ve been writing sprints, either alone or with other people. I found that even 10-15 minutes of writing can make a huge difference – it really helped me finish writing my seventh book!

I: Oooh what kind of apps do you use?

L: Scrivener, Paper, Pure Writer, and Ommwriter are all excellent! Also, I use Worldly to track my word count – it’s super helpful.

I: You said that you had a publisher before they went out of business? How had it been different from self-publishing? For aspiring authors thinking about traditional vs self-publishing, how do you think each has improved you as an author? Through editing, marketing etc.… Is there one that you prefer?

L: As someone who was a hybrid author at some point, I would say I prefer self-publishing because it gives me more control over my work, and I can set my own deadlines. I can release my books whenever I like, not to mention higher royalties! Some publishers, especially smaller companies, rarely sign on for a complete series as well, as contracts are usually for one book.

I: Are there highlights to working with a publisher?

L: Being with a publisher can help you with finding an editor, cover designer and can give you more publicity, marketing, and the possibility of getting your books into bookstores. The hardest part of being self-published is marketing, and as an indie author, some book events will rarely allow you to take part. Self-publishing is incredibly difficult. There’s a stigma around it that’s it the ‘easy’ way, (when this is definitely not the case).

I: This is actually very interesting! As an author, I’ve always thought about self-publishing, but have absolutely no idea where to start. Have you got any advice? Is there a specific platform? I know KDP exist, but that’s about my extent on the topic.

L: It’s definitely worth checking out! There are a lot of publishing platforms, but the main ones are KDP, IngramSpark and Lulu. I’d do some research and figure out which one works best for you. Since 2013 I have been publishing through KDP, they are amazing, and I haven’t had any issues. They have forums which are super helpful, (especially if you’re on the fence about what to do).

I: Well, Lindsey, thank you very much for chatting with me! You’ve been really helpful on this first issue! I wish you all the best with your latest publication, and I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I just have one more question. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

L: You’re welcome! I am happy to help. It’s been great and thanks for this opportunity. My advice to aspiring writers: don’t give up. There will be days when you want to, but those days won’t define you as a writer. Your story is unique, and it’s one, only you can tell. Be brave and keep following your dreams.

So that concludes the end to the first issue of the ‘interview with an author’. 

I really hope you enjoyed reading it, and have gained some valuable insight – I know I have! If you want to read any of Lindseys’ books, they are available on multiple sites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads. Currently reading Clara and Claire and I can’t recommend it enough.

To learn more about Lindsey, follow her website at or her social media.

Instagram – @lindseysablowski

Twitter – @LindseyReneeR 

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