Weekly Writing Update: Are we half way there?

Hey guys! How have you been? Who else is shocked that its September already? And who else is excited that it’ll be Christmas soon! *Already puts on ELF and makes hot chocolate*

I apologise for the lack of content on this blog, and on social media, especially last week, but I’m hoping that two posts this week will make up for it! Please?

So welcome to another weekly writing update! A lot has happened this week from job hunting, and applying to those jobs, not to mention my current job has been kicking my ass – which seems to be a running theme lately. I have applied to many publishing jobs, some rejections have happened, but some I am still waiting to hear back from, so fingers crossed on those! This week, not much writing has been happening as I had hoped for, but I have managed to get a few chapters finished, which is better than nothing right? 

Oh btw, who’s excited that today is the day 600 books are being released? Congratulations to all the authors of their publication day and rip my bank account. But whilst we’re here, let’s not forget the many indie publishers who will be drowned out from all the releases. Here’s a list below with links to some of their publications.

Give them some support and buy a copy of one of their books. I promise you won’t regret it. Also, give some indie bookshops some love. They need it more than ever, especially with this pandemic.

Now let’s get onto how my writing has gone? Well, I hit 40k yesterday *does a little happy dance* and finished chapter eleven last night. I’m so close to the halfway point that I can practically smell it.

Unfortunately, my daily goal has dramatically gone down from 1000 words to 200, so I am not writing as fast I usually do, and often I find myself taking more breaks than usual. But hey I still hit 40k! The past couple of chapters I have written have been a struggle to get through which had to re-written a couple of times; nevertheless, I powered through them and got to where I am now, and I am so excited to write the next couple of chapters because romance is happening! EEEEEEK.

In terms of goals, my biggest goal at the moment is finishing my first draft before December (or maybe earlier) because that is when my dissertation for my BA publishing course will start – university student am I, right? I go back this month and unfortunately, I know my focus on my WIP will be lost for those few months until it is all over. So here’s to hoping i’ll be able to finish.

Speaking of dissertations, I have a fascinating interview coming up with an author who has recently published her dissertation Anthology, which will be a perfect read for all those third years or MA students. So keep an eye out for that!

Finally, I am starting a creative writing page on my blog to showcase aspiring authors work. I know how hard it can be to get your stuff out there and to access feedback from people not within your family because let’s be honest, who else has family that always says their work is ‘good’ when showing them something? With this, I am hoping to create a safe and supportive environment to help build our network, our motivation, and most importantly, our writing. I have a passion for fantasy and romance, but all genre is welcome. If you would like your short stories or poems to be featured, then email me at hiitscourtneyx@gmail.com.


    1. Thank you so much! And same hahaha about 99% of my books are from the top 5. But lately I’ve been reading more indie authors/publishers works and they are amazing!


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