All The Stars and Teeth – Adalyn Grace

Hi GUYS! It’s been such a long time since I have posted a book review on this blog. I think the last one was in June (how crazy is that?) But I am back after reading Adalyn Grace’s ‘All The Stars and Teeth.’ A feisty fantasy novel involving pirates, mermaids, and legendary sea creatures. And OH, WOW I am so excited to share this one with you all! Anyone who follows my social media knows that I have been on a fantasy binge lately, but I purchased this book in January for pre-order a few months ago. (It had mermaids in it, I was excited!) Ever since I have been obsessing, and damn, am I happy I read it. GUYS. THIS IS LEGIT MY FAVOURITE BOOK.

All The Stars and Teeth is the debut novel by Grace, set on the fantasy Island Kingdom of Visidia. The book is based on Amora Montara and her dangerous quest to be on the throne.
Amora is a princess from the Capital Island, Arida, who is training to be High Animancer, aka. The master of souls. But to become queen, she must first demonstrate that she can wield her magic (contain the beast) to protect her people. But surprise, surprise, the demonstration goes awry, causing Amora to leave Arida to save herself, and The Kingdom, from the disaster of her aunt taking over her. She is joined on her mission by swoon-worthy Pirate, Bastian, who needs her help to take back his stolen magic. In return, he’ll help her become worthy of ruling the Kingdom. But Amora soon finds out that her Kingdom is in chaos when she discovers a rebellion on the horizon.

This is honestly an awe-inspiring debut novel. Grace’s world-building is phenomenal as she drags the reader into the world of Visidia. Reading this, I just wanted more and more. Each chapter is full of action, humour and kickass scenes that makes you realise why Amora is a perfect character – and ruler. Her characters are definitely what makes the story so extraordinary and fan favourite Bastian is swoon-worthy, to say the least. Out of them all, my favourite is Vataea. Like the mermaid is BADASS and has some serious power. How can you not love mermaids?

Every part of this story is unique and perfectly written from the use of magic and magical law, to the pacing and the incredible fight scenes. Some of Grace’s travel chapters were the most enjoyable. I completely fell in love with the waters just as much as Amora did. Her relationship between Bastian is one of the best and I oh wow, is there a twist. Grace did not fail with There some jaw-dropping endings.

I had a few issues with the beginning where I thought to myself ‘I’m not so sure about this.’ But I am so happy I carried on reading and got to experience the rest of the wonders. The narrative is in first person present tense, so if this isn’t for you, then you might not enjoy it as much as I did but give it a read anyway!

I know there are other books in this series, and I am so excited to get my hands on them.
Honestly, I cannot recommend reading this book enough. And I cannot wait to reread it. So, if you’re into magic and mermaids (even a little bit of YA) and, if you haven’t already, go and READ it! I promise you; you won’t regret it. (PS. This gif was me reading this book)

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