Weekly Writing Update: Job Hunting and 70K words!!!

Hi, my fellow book lovers! How are you? I hope you’re all okay, especially with an increased lockdown across England and Scotland again. And for a possible six months?!?!?! Hang on there babies, we got this! If you need to talk to someone, DM me on twitter or Instagram. I’ll be happy to help you out!

So, welcome back to another WWU! Should I even call them that anymore? Let’s be honest, I don’t write them every month. Are they worth doing? Do you like/read them? Let me know in the comments. Today I have a few things to talk about. Very exciting things!!!! First of all, read my review on ‘All the Stars and Teeth’ by Adalyn Grace. It is a fantastic novel, and I just can’t recommend it enough. Secondly, if you read my last update, you’ll remember me saying I had hit a 40K word count in my WIP.

Well, guess what? I have almost doubled that now!!! I took a well-deserved five days off work for university inductions and decided to have a writing binge too. Now I am almost at 70K and GUYS I am so close to the finish line!! AHHHH INSANE!! There are roughly 11/12 chapters left (30-40K words though I don’t want to put a definite word count on it) and I just can’t stop writing. Is anyone else like this so close to finishing their wip? I know I’ll be sad when it ends, but I am just loving the idea of finally having a fully finished novel right here on my laptop! I never thought the day would come where I could actually say that, so I am sorry if I am a little annoying. I AM JUST SO EXCITED OMG.

The bad side to this is I have A LOT of editing to do. I changed some parts of the plot halfway through the story and need to change the first half, so it matches up. That means re-writing and more re-writing along with editing. Ugh. Please pray for me. My goal is to finish by the end the writing process in October, (not including the re-writes) which is a giant leap from my goal last month where I said I wanted to finish before Christmas. Will I do it? I hope so. I don’t know how it’ll go because I go back to work tomorrow, and Uni starts up again on Monday. But we can only hope, right?

Talking about work. Publishing friends, how is the job hunt going? Are you okay? I am seeing a lot of people on social media lately say how devastated and unmotivated they are by how difficult it is to get job roles within publishing. I am right there with you! have been applying for jobs roles for over a month now and it’s been blow after blow. Rejection after rejection until I am looking at Tesco admin roles. If you’re struggling right now, I just want to tell you not to stop! Publishing is a competitive industry, and some job ads get over thousands of applications! Not going to lie, it is hard, and I have cried a few times wondering if it is me, but I know I’ll get there in the end. And so, will you! If you want to spice up your CV however then down below are some things that you can do.

  • Learn InDesign, photoshop etc.. (whether you want to work in editorial, marketing, or sales InDesign is still a great skill to have. It isn’t just needed for Design roles).
  • Create a Blog or Bookstagram. You may have noticed that a lot of people wanting to work in the industry have one or both of these things. Creating them can keep you up to date with current trends, show your creative side and passion for books. As well as broaden your writing skills.
  • Online courses/webinars. Publishers have actually been notable lately for providing a series of webinars for aspiring publishers. I recently attended a demystify webinar hosted by Orion which gave me excellent advice about CV’s/cover letters, etc… (Let me know if you want me to talk about this in more detail.) You can find other things like this on their social media pages, or if you follow the publishing hopeful’s FB page, many people post a lot of job roles and future events.
  • Get a job, not in publishing. I know this one doesn’t sound as appealing, but any experience working within admin, marketing/PR, writing and anything that you can associate with publishing will boost your CV significantly. I understand that with the current situation however that this can be difficult too so this can sort of a last resort option. No matter where you start out, publishing will be quite admin based, especially for entry-level roles. So, learning to work with software such as excel and being organised will be higher up your chances of getting that sweet interview. If you don’t want a full-time job yet, and just want to gain experience, there are significant volunteered roles that will be perfect for your CV. I know there is an online anthology magazine called Ta Voix that is looking for editors or writers to work on their issues.

Did this help? There is so much you can learn about publishing and how to up your chances of getting into the industry through fantastic resources such as The Publishing Post and SYP (Society for Young Publishers).

And that my friends, concludes my third WWU. Be on the lookout for author interviews next month. They are going to be extraordinary—also, a review on a poetry book. Remember, I have a creative writing page and looking for short stories to post! For more information, contact me.

Be safe.


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