April Is Lush – Aditya Tiwari

Welcome back book lovers to another review! How are you doing? Good? I started my third year at university the other week, and it’s been a struggle to manage everything from writing, work, and the university itself. So, I apologies for the inactivity on this blog lately. I do, however, have a lot of content lined up, so keep checking my social media pages. πŸ˜‰

Today I will be reviewing a long-awaited poetry compilation β€˜April is Lush’ by Indian Author Aditya Tiwari. And guys, THIS IS a beautiful one. I’ve never been the biggest fan of poetry, and in fact, this might be the first poetry compilation I have ever read – but wow am I pleasantly surprised. This piece exceeds everything beyond my expectations, and I must thank Aditya for releasing and letting me read this masterpiece.

Aditya Tiwari is an Indian gay-right activist, who through his poems, shares his personal experiences, and stories of life as a homosexual in such a difficult and changing society. He takes his voice and uses it to give his readers a powerful and devoting message on that β€˜no-one can stop you’ saying that β€˜there is magic in your veins.’ Through this book, it touches on issues such as love, loss, queerness, and self-worth. With him describing the book as β€˜seven sections that take the reader into an emotional journey of light, rediscovery, love, passion, and balance.’ April is lush ushers a new generation into a world of acceptance.

Reading April is lush; I was blown away with how incredible some of these pieces were. Often I was left with a broken heart reading poems of Aditya’s life. For example, how he had described his childhood with titles such as β€˜mean things I’ve been told as a child’ and β€˜mean kids at school.’ How his difference made him an outcast. Yet what I really love is that Aditya really embraces his difference and decides to inspire and empower others to do the same. Sections such as β€˜I will love me if nobody else will.’ Is really captivating. Every piece really does make you think about the world and yourself. Aditya has done a beautiful job of capturing such an inspirational book about such a complex world.

Unfortunately, there was no contents page where I could go back to the poems that I loved the most. But I did manage to screen capture a few– which I will share down below.

To finalise this review. If you ever need a little pick me up or some encouragement, I definitely recommend reading this!

Aditya is currently writing his second book.

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