Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel – Drew Gummerson


You could’ve been someone, you could’ve been a contender, yet instead you ended up here, a dishwasher at the Flamingo Hotel. From the death of your mother, to homelessness, to insanity, and back again, to an encounter with an American serial killer, a love affair with a performance artist, to the loss of your foreskin, to living in a shed, and certain bum operations, you have only ever wanted one thing…To find someone worse off than yourself.

And now’s your chance.

You’ve got seven nights…at the Flamingo Hotel.


I am so excited to be finally sharing this special, and long awaited, review because not only is this book spectacular, but the publisher just so happens to be a graduate at the same university as I – and I just love seeing fellow students blossom. It is as funny as it is delightful, and if you haven’t already, definitely pick up a copy and go read it now! I promise you, you won’t regret it.

‘Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel’ is Drew Gummerson’s third published book – other works include ‘The Lodger’ and ‘Me and Mickie James’. But Flamingo hotel is the first book published by Derby-based indie publisher, Bearded Badger (you can visit the website here). Bearded Badger (aka Paul) burst onto the scene last year, not only during a pandemic, but with a daringly beautiful, yet hilarious, novel. And my, am I impressed.

When I say I enjoyed this book, then I really mean I ENJOYED this book. It was unputdownable, and it made me laugh till my stomach hurt. What makes it that much more fantastic is Gummerson used the second person (“you”) narrative. This is my first book read in the second person POV, as there aren’t many stories told in this narrative, and although it took me a while to get into the unfamiliarity of it all, I was pleasantly surprised. It really makes the reader feel as if they are right there in the story, and it makes it that much more enjoyable. I admire Drew for his originality and his cleverness to keeping the book as wonderful throughout.

Flamingo Hotel is crazy, exhilarating, and fast-paced. I would recommend to everyone that they grab a copy either for you or for your friend. I can’t help but give my applause to both of Paul and Drew for being so honest and patient during a rough time and producing a book that differs from others. It truly triumphs in giving a refreshing and efficacious read.

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