About Me

Welcome to my library! A safe space for all bookworms, writers and publishing hopefuls wanting to seek out new stories and adventures.

I’m Courtney, a 23-year-old Publishing student from the University of Derby. I began this blog as a way of showcasing talented authors and incredible stories from all around the world. Now, I’m hoping to showcase more diversity within publishing and create a safe environment for people to join and communicate.

My favourite genre is Fantasy (I’m especially fond of books with a powerful female lead) Fun fact: I am starting a fantasy tattoo sleeve. I’m also a sucker to the odd romance – I mean who doesn’t love, love? Apart from books I am a major pet lover and avid traveller. I have a very special puppy named Bella who just loves to chew my pages

On this blog I will be sharing book reviews, interviewing authors/publishing professionals, and sharing my everyday life of what it is like working, and studying, in publishing.

So, let’s be friends and fan girl over our favourite books together! (I’m friendly I promise!) Come with me in my quest to seek new and exciting stories by amazing authors. Broaden your knowledge and interests, cry and laugh with me. Quoted from famous author, Lloyd Alexander, “Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvellous adventures that anyone can have.”