About Me!

Hello to all my bookish comrades and welcome to my crazy world! If you’re an obsessed bookworm like me then hey, let’s be friends and fan girl over our favourite books together! Any books that caught your eye? Let me know about them! I love reading what interests other people. If you’re new to the book trend then what are you doing? Come with me in my quest to seek new and exciting novels by amazing authors. Broaden your knowledge and interests. Cry and laugh with me. Quoted from famous author, Lloyd Alexander, “Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvellous adventures that anyone can have.

If you want to learn about me then hi, I’m Courtney, a 22-year-old writing and publishing student. I didn’t get into books until I was 15, which started with fan fiction (no judging please) instead, I was into music and drama. I love to read a lot of fantasy and YA but I’m also a big sucker when it comes to romance – come at me the notebook. My favourite authors are John Green, Nicholas Sparks and Colleen Hoover. Can you see why I love the romance? I am a major pet lover and I have two pets, Bella the Dog and Gemini the Cat. The biggest fact you should know about me is that I am obsessed with mythical creatures. Dragons are my favourite. I’m currently starting my tattoo sleeve dedicated to them. I’m a passionate traveller so be on the lookout for travelling tips 😉

Anyway, enough about me…

This blog is dedicated to reviewing (and fangirling) over amazing books. Take a look around, discover new worlds and come on my adventures as I visit amazing events and countries.