21 books for 2021

GUYS 2020 is finally over! Has anyone got new year resolutions this year? I don’t have any per se, I just hope to gain more self-confidence this year and learn to love myself more (+ read more books). Okay maybe I have some. Though the pandemic may not be quite over, there is hope we […]

Paula Johnston – “I still wanted people to read it so I put it out there regardless!”

Hi book lovers, how is your weekend going? Can we take a moment to acknowledge that Christmas is in less than four weeks – how exciting is that? I put my tree up yesterday and it’s got me in the festive spirit. What is everyone’s plan over the Christmas period? Since I work in hospitality/retail, […]

R.F Blackstone – “I got thousands of rejections, and at first, it was quite discouraging.”

I can’t believe this is my third author interview. How insane is that Every moment doing this series has been incredible, and I thank those who have been reading, and patiently waiting, for the next one. Not to mention the fantastic authors who have volunteered their time to be interviewed. I apologise for the delay […]