Paige Briscoe – “I had worked really hard on it, I’m so proud of it!”

Hi Guys! How are you all doing? I know we can’t do much this year, but who’s excited for Halloween!!? I know I am! Let me know your plans in the comments! So, welcome back to my FOURTH author interview. I am so excited to be posting another one! It has been so long but […]

R.F Blackstone – “I got thousands of rejections, and at first, it was quite discouraging.”

I can’t believe this is my third author interview. How insane is that Every moment doing this series has been incredible, and I thank those who have been reading, and patiently waiting, for the next one. Not to mention the fantastic authors who have volunteered their time to be interviewed. I apologise for the delay […]

Lindsey Richardson – “Self publishing is incredibly difficult”

Hello to all my fellow book lovers, writers, and everything else in-between!I am so excited to present the first issue of the ‘interview with an author’ series, where I’ll be chatting to incredible novelist, writers, and poets on their books and getting published.As an aspiring author myself, my goal is to help other writers with […]